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Physical Therapy

What our patients are saying about Integrated Health...

"I like that the therapists give you undivided attention and don’t just show you an exercise and leave you to do it while they check on another patient. Also, I appreciated the therapist’s providing me with written instructions and drawings detailing how to do exercises at home."
-- Judy P.

"Massage therapist is empathetic and very skilled. I always felt better after my massage and credit the therapist with helping me in my recovery from severe muscle and joint pain."
--Toni F.

"The jobs done here for me were 'top notch'. I enjoyed being able to come here, and the service was incredible. I would definitely recommend this place to others."
-- Spencer E.

"I have been very pleased with all aspects of my physical therapy. Everyone here is so professional and all show concern for my well-being. I love the one on one sessions. You make a person feel like a human being instead of a number."
-- Linda Y.

"Elizabeth Rehm guided me back to 100%."
-- Joe F.

"I had back pain and with everyone’s help, exercises, massage and dry needling, I was able to get back to normal. I am able to now do these things at home to stay on top of everything. Dry needling worked so well! Thank you all for the help. What a wonderful bunch of people!"
-- Daryl H.

"I came here with moderate to severe knee pain that made me afraid to live an active lifestyle because I was worried I would aggravate it. With the care and excellent listening skills of Kate Pritchard, I was able to fully recover, and she even went above and beyond to trace the pain back to the sources. With some additional specialized care from Aaron Rathgeb, I was able to have a greater relief from muscle pain. I always enjoyed speaking with each of the friendly Staff; from the front desk all the way to the physical therapist, and I would recommend this clinic to anyone seeking physical therapy."
--Dan W.

Integrated Health Physical Therapy

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