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Closing Announcement

To all of our patients:

We have taken great pride in providing individualized, one-on-one care over the past 21 years. Providing effective physical therapy has been our passion. Support from patients like you recommending us to friends, family and loved ones has helped us grow over the years. However, after giving it much contemplation, we have decided to close our doors.

The owner, director, and main physical therapist for the practice has been in a motor vehicle accident and has been dealing with persistant injuries of his own that greatly limit his work capacity such that he can no longer keep Integrated Health P.C. sustainable.

We do not make this decision lightly. It is with great trepidation and sadness to have to close Integrated Health P.C. and to no longer be there for our patients.

We will be closing September 1, 2022. If you are currently under a plan of care with us, we can continue to provide physical therapy for you until that time and try to get you to a point where you're ready for discharge and working on your own through a home program. Or if you need continued care after that date, we can provide a list of practioners in the area to help with continuity of care.

Upon written request copies of medical records can be obtained for the customary cost of copying and preparing the records. Please email records request to: integratedhealthpcva@gmail.com

It has been a pleasure and a gratifying experience assisting you along your journey to better health.

Deepest regrets,

Integrated Health P.C.

Integrated Health Physical Therapy

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